Beaver Full Moon Sound Meditation

Full moon is always period of heightened energy, strengthening our thoughts, emotions, feelings. And in this time, it is also additionally supported by a beautiful symbolism of new beginning coming after hard work and dedication. Farmers collecting their summer grown crops.

Join Marko’s meditation this special evening, 19. November 2021, and allow the sound to help you gain confidence in trusting your creative intuition to unfold and manifest desires.


Beaver Full Moon Sound Meditation

November Full Moon is mostly known as Beaver Moon. It is named after the hard-working beavers eagerly completing their lodges and food storage for long winter ahead.

However, occasionally November Full Moon is called the Hunter Moon, Cold Moon, Winter Moon, Frost Moon or Snow Moon.

November season invites us to say goodbye to the past and start to turn our attention inward, toward self-reflection. It is time of Samhain, pagan festival making the end of harvest and beginning of winter, auspicious moment to move towards new dreams, intentions with the determination and zest of a beaver.

In shamanic symbolism the beaver is depicted as a builder, representing the power of working and attaining sense of achievements with its patience, diligence, preparations, determination.

Join Marko’s meditation this special evening and allow the sound to help you gain confidence in trusting your creative intuition to unfold and manifest desires.

May it guide you to recognize the key opportunities that lie ahead, bless you with peaceful, grateful surrender and faith that the hard work done in the past will produce an abundant harvest.

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